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Should We Fear the Evolution of Music Marketing?

Luke Mcphail's Innovation and the Music Industry

The music industry is always adapting to the way that the world functions and the new technological advances. It is a natural part of any industry. It is how the top businesses in the world survive. Before the microphone was developed; we had full orchestras of large sections playing in unison to create a natural amplification of their instrument’s motifs. Of course there were benefits to this as this created a more powerful, thicker, richer sound. The microphone was invented and no longer did we need all of those players. We could easily use one or two players per instrument section and the microphone would send the signal to the amplifier to amplify their instrument. In recording studios; we used to record to tape. There was a different tape for each instrument track recorded separately before they all got recorded simultaneously to one final tape. All of the effects such…

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