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10 Things You Need To Know About Guitar Players

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Guitar players are a different breed of human. They love nothing more passionately than strumming those strings as if they were made of the most exquisite silk. The guitar player is part of an entire sub-culture of cool and once one picks up a guitar, chances are they’ll never put it down; it’s more addicting and pleasing than the strongest of opiates.

There’s something utterly captivating about this infamous instrument – it represents freedom, peace, and whole other level of cool; other instruments simply can’t compare. The esthetic of the guitar as a piece of art is also difficult to ignore. Even as a piece of art there’s something utterly mystifying about this glorious instrument.

Here is a listicle of the ten things you need to know about guitar players:


1. They can never have enough picks.

You’ll see them scattered everywhere in a guitarist’s lair.  They’ll also have one…

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